Meet Fusion Talk Show Host



Jasmine Akakpo is a former child model and actor who has recently made her way back in the entertainment industry. She has done work on TV shows such as “The Game” and “Drop Dead Diva” along with many independent films of young filmmakers like herself. Jasmine takes pride in her fun, down-to-earth personality and loves working with others. “I appreciate the team effort that it takes to create any project so much. It’s amazing!”  Along with being one of the hosts of Fusion Teen Talk Show Jasmine also co-hosts Atlanta Film Festival’s film guide 365Wired and has conducted red carpet interviews with actors and directors such as Whitney Christopher, Ray McKinnon, and James Pondsoldt. Although she is young, Jasmine is on the cusp of her career’s lasting success, pushing forward with true passion and courage, proving herself to be a lasting force in this industry.



Somalia Ra-Min is originally from Jersey City, NJ. It was when she relocated to Atlanta that her artistic talents started to reveal themselves. At the tender age of 9, Somalia won her very first talent show dancing. Since then she has won numerous talent shows dancing and joined the Tucker High school Dance Team. As she grew older, she began to discover her other  hidden talents such as singing,acting, and her interest in Television/Communications. She then began to study Broadcast Video Production at Arabia Mountain High School. She continued her broadcast communication practice by becoming WOW (Women Of Wealth) Magazine’s Jr. Reporter. Taking on this position gave her the opportunity to interview various celebrities from Ray J to Melba Moore. It is clear that whether Somalia is singing in the McDonalds “The Gift” inspirational singing competition, dancing at her school’s football games, acting in school plays or seen on Fusion Teen Talk show; she’s always ready to give her best performance.


Get to know Jasmine and Somalia in this Fusion Hosts Favorites Video!