Season 1


Check out Season 1 of Fusion Talk Show as we discuss topics ranging from peer pressure, the realities of sex, and how to live healthy as a teen, plus performances and our Fusion Kickback Session! 
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Ep 1

As a teen, there are several factors that must be taken into consideration while growing up such as; fitting in with peers, managing schoolwork, etc. “A Day in the Life of a Teen” will journey into the daily life of a teen and the real issues that they face as they walk their path to adulthood.

Guest Panel
Daree Allen | Motivational Speaker, Writer
Chris Butts | Paraprofessional Educator


Ep 2

Bullying has become a major issue within our society. Today, bullying takes many forms and Fusion Teen Talk Show will bring them to light. “No Bullying Allowed” will discuss the basis of bullying and the types of bullying that are taking place within our communities.

Guest Panel
Judah Swilley | Anti Bully Activist. Youth Pastor
Joy Young | Stop Your Bullying Founder


Ep 3
For teenagers, the topic of sex is no longer taboo. “Sexual Reality” will bring teenagers’ attention to the reality of sex and the issues that they should be aware of as they enter the world of relationships and dating.

Guest Panel
Marcus Dumas | Sex Education Professor
Dr. Saint-Louis | Planned Parenthood Physician
Kia Smith | Writer, Former Teen Mom


Ep 4
In our world today, we communicate with hundreds of people within seconds thanks to social media. “As Seen on TV” will take into account the different issues teens are facing as they navigate through the world of media and social networking.

Guest Panel
Alicia McNease | PR Communication Specialist
Eshe | Grammy Award Winning Entertainment
Johanna Wendell | Psychotherapist


Ep 5
Family is a huge component in our lives and it molds us into the person we’re going to be in life. “Parents Just Don’t Understand”  takes a look into the lives of different types of families and how they function as a unity.

Guest Panel
Quan Green | Mental Health Therapist & Life Coach
Denitra Gaines | Family Counselor


Ep 6
“I’m going to get in shape”. We all have said these words and have specific health goals in life but how do we meet and maintain them. “Healthy Living” will focus on taking charge of our health and making the best decisions for our body.

Guest Panel
Dr. Banjoko | CEO Power Through Consulting
S. Press | Nutritionist
Devan Dunson | Personal Trainer