H.Y.P.E. Youth Conference



Fusion Talk Show presents the H.Y.P.E. (Helping Youth Pursue Excellence) Youth Conference, which is geared toward helping teens in the surrounding areas discuss social issues that they tend to face on a daily basis.

H.Y.P.E Youth Conference educates and entertains teens while presenting them with workshops that will cater to their specific social needs.


Who Should Attend

The H.Y.P.E. Youth Conference aims to provide a platform to bring pre-teens, teens, young adults, parents, and mentors together to prepare them for issues that aren’t typically discussed in their everyday life.

Participantes will…

• Learn practical skills that will prepare the youth to tackle the real world.

• Connect with like-minded individuals and educators to build resources and networks to support empowering the youth.

• Expand their horizons around how to transition from childhood to adulthood.


Money Management | Time Management Professional Development | Self-Love Career Building | And Much More




                    2015 H.Y.P.E. Youth Conference

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